Hot Lunch Program

We cook for kids because children learn better on a full stomach.

Courtenay Elementary Hot Lunch Program

The new hot lunch program is ready to go! This project is a collaboration with Courtenay Elementary and PAC. As with the previous hot lunch run by PAC, we have chosen to keep MunchaLunch for ordering since it is familiar to parents.

The new lunch program runs every day and is available to all students and staff of Courtenay Elementary. All you have to do is login to MunchaLunch and order for specific days.

Inflation is hitting everyone hard, and PACs across the school district are having a difficult time offering lunches at reasonable prices. We want to help with affordability by offering nutritious and fun lunches on a cost-recovery basis. However, if finances are tight, please reach out to the school principal and we’ll make sure your child(ren) receives lunch. We will not turn away a hungry child.

Please take a look at the menu before ordering. Also take the time to review your child’s allergies in MunchaLunch. We will try to make accommodations where we can and be as clear as we can.March lunch calendar

What’s on the Menu

Chili with Caesar salad: Ground pork, kidney beans, and vegetables in a tomato sauce.

Tomato chicken pilaf: Chicken with vegetables mixed with rice.

White stew: A Japanese white stew with potatoes, carrots, onions, broccoli, and chicken served in a milk sauce.

Pasta of the Day: Spaghetti in a tomato sauce with bacon, onions, celery, and red peppers.

Perogies with egg bites: Potato and cheese perogies served with a muffin sized egg bite full of diced vegetables and piece of chicken wiener.

Sushi rolls: A serving of three different sushi rolls: egg, cucumber, and tuna salad. There is nothing raw in this dish.

Turkey & cheese sandwich: Turkey breast and cheese with a serving of egg drop soup on the side.

Stir fry: Stir fried vegetables and chicken served on a bed of rice.

Chicken wings: Honey garlic chicken wings.

Hearty macaroni soup: A hearty vegetable soup full of vegetables and macaroni, served with a croissant.

Note: All lunches come with a portion of vegetables or fruit.


How to Order

Log in to or register at Munchalunch.

More information

For more information, please read this news article.

Order Form

Download and print the order form for the week of March 20-24.
Make cheques payable to Courtenay Elementary Community School Society.

Hot lunch order form March 20to24-2023



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