Welcome to the new school lunch program!

In a collaboration with Courtenay Elementary and PAC, Courtenay Elementary Community School Society will be administering a new school hot lunch program.

Just before the school year started, the provincial government announced a $60 million Student and Family Affordability Fund.

BC’s most recent budget also includes more funding for school meal programs that we hope translates into more sustainable food programs.

Given how hard inflation has hit everyone’s pocketbook, with this new funding, Courtenay Elementary, PAC, and CECSS have decided to roll everything into a single program. Starting today, the community school will partner with Courtenay Elementary to formalize the program and provide breakfast and hot lunches to all students and staff.


  • Lunch for everyone at a flat rate of $4/meal. Staff lunches are $5/meal. School staff are encouraged to take part in this program because the fantastic aromas from the kitchen will be absolute torture if you don’t!
  • The hot lunch program operates on a cost-recovery basis. All funds are put back into the program to help purchase groceries.
  • The price for lunch also includes breakfast if you would like it. Breakfast will be simple: bagels, cereal, oatmeal, smoothies, etc. The school kitchen will be open from 8:00-8:30 to serve a simple breakfast to get your child started for the day. When your order online, please note that there is a WITH BREAKFAST and NO BREAKFAST menu option. Please choose the desired option so that we can track demand and prepare accordingly!
  • The first lunch of the new program will be served on Monday, March 13!
  • If finances are tight, no worries! Just contact the principal and we’ll make sure your child receives lunch.

What does lunch include?

All hot lunches include a main dish, milk or non-dairy drink, and sides of fruit and vegetables. The school will also be offering its usual snack bowl in the office.

Where do I find the menu?

You can view the menu here: https://cecss.org/hot-lunch/ . Please check this page for updates.

You can also follow us on social media:

How do I order?

All ordering is online via MunchaLunch. To order, go to: https://munchalunch.com/schools/Courtenay/

Orders for this March session will be accepted from now and continue all next week! Use the MunchaLunch page to login or create an account.

If ordering online doesn’t work for you, contact the community school and we’ll make arrangements!

What about pizza day and hotdog day?

Those events will be ongoing. Please order your pizza and hotdogs as usual every Tuesday and Friday morning.

Contact the community school if you have any questions.