As far as anyone knows, the garden at Courtenay Elementary hasn’t had any substantial maintenance since it was created over 7 years ago. Luckily, that will change this year. CECSS has received funding to do some outdoor upgrades, and showing the garden some love is part of the plan.

On July 7, we met with Elaine Codling to do some preliminary work on mapping out and rebuilding the pathways in the garden, and think about how we would protect the roots of the cherry trees.

This is not a flashy video, but it does provide a starting point for us on what we would like to do. The school district is already aware of our plans and it will be a matter of coordinating things to make it all happen.

We could use your help! If you watch the video to the end, you’ll know there’s lots of work to do. We could use a Bobcat to scrape and level out parts of the garden. There will be a lot of soil and mulch to spread around. There will also be a lot of planting! We hope to plant bulbs along the chain link fence on McPhee and along the fence leading up the school. Plus, the areas along the planned split rail fence and boardwalk will also need to be planted. It’s 1,000s of bulbs but should look fantastic when completed!

If you are interested in gardening or just want to lend a hand, stay tuned! We hope to have a concrete timeline for the garden work soon.