Last year, the Courtenay Elementary Community School Society was awarded a grant from the Community Services Recovery Fund to do some significant work in the school’s gardens. Last summer, the grant funding was used to install a concrete pad in the outdoor learning area and make some major changes in the main garden that include rebuilding pathways and creating more shade and storage spaces.

One request we received was for a mud kitchen for each garden area–the large main garden and the smaller space on the other side of the school. This is an elementary school after all, and kids love dirt!

Enter George, a long-time supporter of the community school, who loves doing things for the kids. He built these over the past two weeks so they’ll be ready for when school starts up again.

Hand made mud kitchens. One for each garden space.
Two hand-made mud kitchens ready for action in the garden!

According to George, the wood came from reclaimed pallets, while the stainless steel sinks were purchased from Restore. The kitchen tools came from Lake Trail Thrift Store. Instead of painting the mud kitchens, they were coated in a deck stain, so they should stand up well to the elements.

Why is there an EME license plate in the photos? If you know George, then you know why. 😉

Arte et marte, George! The kids are going to have fun next week!

Photo showing an EME license plate.

Funded by the Government of Canada’s Community Services Recovery Fund

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