The hot lunch program is in full swing thanks to the support of the school community and fantastic community members the Comox Valley Food Bank, who power our breakfasts with bagels. Thanks to Ms Masako’s cooking, the numbers of students and staff participating in the program continues to grow.

We started sending home paper order form in April, and the response has been great; ordering online via MunchaLunch and on paper is basically split 50/50. We’ll keep both methods to give parents and guardians a choice.

Here are a few things we noticed in April:

  • Pasta is always a big hit
  • The vegetarian potstickers and rice balls were a surprise hit with the kids. It is safe to say that we will add these to our regular rotation.
  • People go crazy for fresh bread. How often to you truly get to eat a roll that is straight out of the oven?
  • In the fish vs chicken wrap experiment, the kids clearly preferred the chicken over the fish. But that won’t deter us! We have a salmon burger on the menu for May.
  • Caesar salad wins over any other kind of salad.
  • French toast was our biggest lunch to date, with 100 lunches served.
  • There is a relation to utensils and the amount of uneaten food. In particular, the use of utensils slows K/Gr. 1 kids down leading to unfinished lunches by the time the outside bell rings.
  • Kids will absolutely hunt the down any kind of pepper in their food and pick it out before eating. We’ll just have to chop things even smaller.

Finally, with nicer weather upon us, we are entering “field trip season” at school. Your child may only receive notice of a field trip a week in advance. This may cause kids to miss their hot lunch. If this happens, simply contact the community school. We will credit your MunchaLunch account or offer a cash refund.

We are in the home stretch to summer. Thank you for your support!