The weather is warming up and COVID-19 appears to be fading away thanks to a successful vaccine campaign. Ever so slowly, it feels like things are returning to some kind of normalcy. While the community has largely been kept out of the school, lots has been happening, especially in the field adjacent the gym. You may have noticed that, after some persistence from PAC, a ramp has been completed to make the school more accessible for our students who are in wheelchairs.

Not far from there, two new concrete picnic benches has also been installed. Thanks to a generous grant from Peninsula Co-op, a new garden shed is also being built. It’s not quite done, but it’s almost there!

The new shed is a lean-to design. It will have plenty of space for garden tools and toys, plus a rain barrel to catch rainwater to help make watering the garden boxes in this area easier. The shed fits in with plans to develop this part of the school into more of a park/outdoor learning area.

Thanks also goes out to the Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund. Inflation has put pressure on the school’s meal program, but rather than pinch pennies, a grant from them has allowed CECSS to help boost he meal program’s snack game. That does not mean simply buying more expensive groceries, but rather, it allows CECSS to team up with the school’s meal program coordinator, Ms. Shelly, to help expose students to foods that they might not normally eat. The aim is to introduce variety while keeping the offerings fun and delicious. To compliment today’s menu of a turkey and Swiss cheese croissant, we provided tropical fruit kebabs!

The Courtenay Elementary Community School Society would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to the Courtenay Elementary PAC for their determination and patience, to the organizations and donors who help the CECSS do things to make the school a great place to be, and to Ms. Shelly’s creativity that satisfies little tummies!