A great morning for bannock and hot coffee


Sat, 06/22/2019 - 01:27

Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day and Courtenay Elementary's Indigenous support staff were at the school first thing in the morning to offer parents some fresh bannock. CECSS was also there with coffee and tea in the glorious morning sunshine.

cooking bannock
Courtenay Elementary School's Indigenous support staff, Holly Douglas, helped prepare some delicious bannock for parents.

The kids had their eyes on the bannock, but they would get their fill of bannock and treats later in the day.

Fresh bannock with homemade blackberry jam and a cup of coffee pretty much beats the pants off a doughnut.

coffee and bannock
Fresh bannock and coffee in the morning

Although the school year is almost done, CECSS will be teaming up with the school's Indigenous staff from September to regularly serve up bannock and other treats in the morning.