Electro Found Beats


Courtney Elementary School

"Imagine you are an archaeologist discovering the sound of ancient objects… how could you recreate the sounds with today’s technology?"

Play and create with found objects and electronic programming. Start with creating music with found objects, then continue with programming with electronics.

Each 2-hr session starts with creating sounds and beats with found objects, followed by work in electronic programming to create sound and visuals.

Date & Time:  From 10 am-noon every Saturday morning from April 11-May 16.

10 - 11am - Create music with found objects

11 - 12pm - Program electronics

Location: Courtenay Elementary School library 

Cost: $20 for the 6 week session. If you cannot make payments online contact the Courtenay Elementary School to make arrangements.

Who: Open to all ages 


If you have your own percussion instruments, please feel free to bring it. To register, see Eventbrite.

Hosted by the Courtenay Elementary Community School Society with the cooperation of the Make It Zone.

Make It Zone