Courtenay Elementary Community School Society Continues its Suport for Sunday Station


Thu, 02/04/2021 - 06:17

The Courtenay Elementary Community School Society (CECSS) became involved in Sunday Station in September 2020 when they put out an email asking for help. Sunday Station is the non-profit organization created by Angela Anderson and her daughter which provides individuals with a sandwich, coffee, articles of clothing and toiletries out of the parking lot at the old Courtenay train station. You can read about her efforts in this article in the Comox Valley Record.

Since they set up at the old train station just a block away from the school, CECSS offered to help. They needed tables and a tent, so the Society has been regularly loaning them these items. This was not a huge deal committing a hour or two a few Sundays a month to do this. The Society even managed to get a few classes at Courtenay Elementary involved writing or coloring some positive messages that Sunday Station puts in the sandwiches and other meals they hand out

Notes from Courtenay Elementary students
Courtenay Elementary students of all grades wrote a bundle of notes with positive messages that are included in the sandwiches handed out at Sunday Station.

Late last year, the executive director of the Society, Shawn Thir, took things one step further and applied for a Neighbourhood Small Grant, and was awarded $500. A requirement of this grant is that it is given to individuals to do good in their immediate community, so Shawn can be seen in the photo of this recent writeup in the Comox Valley Record acting as an individual, and not part of CECSS, volunteering his time. He used the money to create winter kits for the homeless. The waterproof bag he is holding in the photo contains a toque, thermal socks, a toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, hand warmers, and band-aids. The grant allowed him to make 24 kits in all, and he has given away half of them to date.

The Society and Shawn are happy to see Sunday Station succeed. They are not going to stop homelessness or drug addiction, but they can give hope, maybe prevent unnecessary deaths, and help make the neighbourhood a little safer. It is these little efforts of volunteering that add up to big things.

Read more about Sunday Station on their Facebook page.