Courtenay Elementary Community Breakfast and Open House


Fri, 02/08/2019 - 16:04

On Friday, February 8, Courtenay Elementary held its community breakfast and open house.

At the same time, the PAC also held its swap and shop in which families donate and swap used clothing, books, toys, and any other goods that are no longer used or needed.

While the students sat down to a breakfast of pancakes, baked goods, and fresh fruit, parents were able to browse clothes displays set up on the stage and at the back of the gym. The clothing swap is an excellent way to pass on used-but-still-good clothing to other families while picking up a few items for yourself. Best of all, the swap is free!

This was the first time to hold the breakfast and swap simultaneously, and it appeared to work well, with a steady stream of parents trickling into the gym after breakfast.

All leftover clothing was packed up and sold to Value Village where it will either find its way onto their racks or be recycled. The PAC typically collects around $50 for the clothing and books it drops off.

The breakfast and swap and shop wasn't a Society event, but we were there in the background helping out where ever we were needed.